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A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment can be valuable in identifying an individual’s strengths and challenges in daily functioning. Kim has a broad range of experience in school and educational psychology and following completion of a comprehensive assessment, will formulate a plan to address challenges in learning and behaviour.


Kim Wolff has extensive experience providing private assessments to children, adolescents and adults in Abbotsford, the Fraser Valley and greater Vancouver area. Everyone and every situation is unique. If your child is struggling at school there are many assessment options. Programs for children struggling at school or with learning problems all require an initial assessment. These assessments come under many titles:

  • Psycho-educational assessment (Psych Ed)
  • Child psychology assessments
  • Learning disability assessments
  • Intellectual assessments
  • Child behaviour/learning assessment



Clients can be referred for a psychoeducational assessment for a variety of reasons. An assessment can identify your child’s cognitive (thinking) strengths and weaknesses, assess academic achievement level and identify any learning or developmental disabilities. With a comprehensive assessment, recommendations for academic support and accommodations can be uniquely tailored to allow children to do their best in school.

Within both public and private schools, only Registered Psychologists or Certified School Psychologists are qualified to administer and interpret the tests used in a psychoeducational assessment. The Ministry of Education will only recognize those assessments completed by Registered Psychologists or Certified School Psychologists. Often waitlists for psychoeducational assessments are lengthy in many school districts and parents may decide to have the assessment completed by a Registered Psychologist in private practice.

Children and adolescents are referred for a psychoeducational assessment for many reasons:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Developmental Delays
  • Behavioural Concerns
  • Social Difficulties
  • Attention Difficulties (ADHD)
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Giftedness


Psychoeducational Assessment

Adults within Abbotsford or the Fraser Valley may choose to refer themselves for an assessment for a variety of reasons. If an adult experienced learning difficulties as a child, he or she may also experience those difficulties as an adult learner. Most post-secondary institutions offer accommodations to students with diagnosed learning disabilities. These accommodations may include: extra time for assignments and examinations, alternate / low-distraction test settings, use of reader, scribe, or adaptive technology.

Assessment will include a comprehensive assessment that addresses the academic areas of concern, including a diagnostic profile that meets the Ministry of Advanced Education’s criteria. Recommendations to support the client’s unique learning needs will be given. During the debrief session clients will better understand their learning profile and become better self-advocates.

In some cases, the cost of the assessment may be partially recovered through Student Aid BC.

Transition to Adulthood Assessment

Adolescents and young adults may require an updated assessment to determine eligibility for support services through Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). CLBC provides services to those individuals with an Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. These assessments can include:

  • Cognitive (IQ) assessment
  • Adaptive Behaviour Functioning Assessment
  • Review of previous documentation
  • Recommendations for intervention and support
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for CLBC